Siglas Oracle


Segue lista de algumas das principais siglas/tags relacionadas ao Oracle Ebs:

9iAS – Oracle9i Application Server
9iDB – Oracle9i Database
9iDS – Oracle9i Developer Suite

A&B – Architecture & Blueprint
ABC – Activity Based Costing
ABM – Activity Based Management
ADI – Application Desktop Integrater
ADS – Application Demonstration Services
ADS – Application Data Store
AIM – Application Implementation Method
AIM FF – Application Implementation Method FastForward
AOL – Applications Object Library
AP – Accounts Payable
APAC – Asia Pacific
API – Applicatioin Program Interface
Apps – Applications
APS – Advanced Planning System
AQ – Advanced Queuing
AR – Accounts Receivables
ARU – Automated Release Updates
ASCP – Advanced Supply Chain Planning
ASIAPAC – Asia Pacific
ASL – Approved Supplier List
ASN – Advance Shipment Notice
ASP – Application Service Provider
ATO – Assemble to Order
ATP – Available to Promise
ATS – Advanced Technology Solutions

B2B – Business to Business
B2C – Business to Customer
B2E – Business to Employee
BC – Business Consulting
BC4J – Business Components for Java
BI – Business Intelligence
BI & W – Business Intelligence & Warehousing
BIS – Business Intelligence System
BMP – Bean Managed Persistence
BNA – Business Network Architecture
BOM – Bills of Material
BOR – Bill of Resource

CAD – Computer Aided Design
CAFM – Computer Aided Facilities Management
CAM – Computer Aided Manufacturing
CASE – Computer Aided Software Engineering
CASE – Computer Aided System Engineering
CBP – Constraint Based Planning
CDM – Custom Development Method
CDMi – Custom Development Method for the Internet
CiSD – Consulting Internet Sales Division
CM – Cash Management
CM – Content Management
CMP – Container Managed Persistence
CMS – Content Management System
CPM – CustomPLUS Method Baseline
CPO – Central Project Office
CRL – Corporate Resource Logistics
CRM – Customer Relationship Management
CRM in 90 – Customer Relationship Management in 90 Days
CRP – Capacity Resource Planning (in manufacturing)
CRP – Conference Room Pilot (in systems projects)
CSF – Critical Success Factor
CTD – Capable to Deliver
CTO – Configure to Order
CTP – Capable to Promise

DAD – Database Access Descriptor
DB – Database
DBA – Database Administrator
DFF – Descriptive Flexfield
DRP – Distribution Requirements Planning
DSNO – Departure Ship Notice Outbound
DW – Data Warehousing
DWM FT – Data Warehouse Method FastTrack
DWM OFA – Data Warehouse Method Oracle Financial Analyzer

(E)ADS – (EMEA) Applications Demonstration Solution Services
EAM – Enterprise Asset Management
EAR – Enterprise Archive File
(E)ATC – (EMEA) Applications Test Center
E-BI – E-Business Intelligence
EBI – E-Business Inside
EBN – E-Business Network
EBS – E-Business Suite
EDW – Embedded Data Warehouse
EE – Enterprise Edition
EIB – Enterprise Installed Base
EJB – Enterprise Java Beans
EMEA – Europe, Middle East, Africa
EMM – EasiPath Migration Method
ERM – Enterpise Resources Management
ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
ETO – Engineer to Order
EVP – Executive Vice President
EW – Executive Workshop
EXL – Extraction, Transformation & Loading

FA – Fixed Assets
FAS – Financial Assembly (Order)
FF – FastForward
FFF – FastForward Flows
FFM – Firm Fixed Price
FGAD – Financial Global Application Development
FPO – Firm Planned Order
FY02 – Fiscal Year 2002

GATP – Global Available to Promise
GED – Global Employee Database
GL – General Ledger
GSA – Government Service Administration
GSL – Global Service Line
GVP – Group Vice President

HLS – High Level Scheduler
HRMS – Human Resource Management System
HTML – HyperText Markup Language
HTTPs – HyperText Transfer Protocol (secure)

iDS – Internet Development Server
IBR – International Business Rates
IDS – 9i Developer Suite
IeBC – International eBusiness Center
IIOP – Internet Inter ORB Protocol
IP – Internet Protocol
iSD – Internet Sales Division
ISP – Internet Service Provider
IT – Information Technology

J2EE – Java 2 Enterprise Edition
JCA – Java Cryptographic Architecture
JCE – Java Cryptographic Extensions
JDM FT – Java Development Method Fast Track
JESI – Java Edge Side Includes
JNDI – Java Naming & Directory Interface
JRE – Java Runtime Environment
JSP – Java Server Page

KFF – Key Flexfield
KM – Knowledge Management
KPI – Key Performance Indicator

LAD – Latin America Divison
LSE – License Sales Education

MADL – Max Allowable Days Late
MCO – Source Organization Schema
MDS – Master Demand Schedule
MNT – Mount Point (on Sun systems)
MPP – Massively Parallel Processing
MPS – Master Production Scheduling
MRC – Multiple Reporting Currencies
MRP – Materials Requirements Planning
MS – Microsoft
MSC – Schema Destination
MXD – Oracle Pure Extract Metadata Export File

NA – North America
NL – Network Logistics
NRA – Net Resource Available

OAF – Over-Architected Feature
OAS – Oracle Advanced Security
OBI – Oracle Base Image
OBM – Oracle Business Model
OC4J – Oracle Containers for Java
OCC – Oracle Certified Configuration
OCP – Oracle Certified Professional
ODP – Oracle Demand Planning
ODS – Operational Data Store
OEM – Oracle Enterprise Manager
OES – Oracle Express Server
OFA – Optimal Flexible Architecture Standard
OFA – Oracle Financial Analyzer
OFA – Oracle Fixed Assets
OFSA – Oracle Financial Services Applications
OID – Oracle Internet Directory
OLN – Oracle Learning Network
OM – Order Management
OMO – Oracle Marketing Online
OPE – Oracle Pure Extract
OPI – Oracle Pure Integrate
OPI – Oracle Product Industries
OPM – Oracle Process Manufacturing
OPN – Operation Number
OPS – Oracle Parallel Server
ORS – Oracle Resource Services
OSA – Oracle Sales Analyzer
OSDN – Open Source Development Network
OSE – Oracle Servlet Engine
OSI – Oracle Service Industries
OSP – Outside Processing
OTN – Oracle Technology Network
OWB – Oracle Warehouse Builder

P2P – Procure to Pay
PA – Project Accounting
PAC – Periodic Average Costing
PDS – Planning Data Store
PJM – Project Management Method
PL/SQL – Oracle Procedural Language superset of SQL
PM – Project Manager
PPC – Production, Planning and Control
PO – Purchase Order
POC – Proof of Concept
PRP – Product Release Process
PSA – Professional Services Automation
PSL – Passport Specification Language
PSP – PL/SQL Server Pages
PTF – Planning Time Fence
PTO – Pick to Order
PWD – Print Working Directory

Q1 – 1st Quarter
Q2 – 2nd Quarter
Q3 – 3rd Quarter
Q4 – 4th Quarter
QA – Quality Assurance
QP – Advanced Pricing

R11i – Release 11i
RAC – Real Application Clusters
RCD – Release Content Development
RDG – Reliable Data Grams
RLM – Release Management
RMI – Remote Method Invocation
ROI – Return on Investment
RPC – Remote Procedure Call
RVP – Regional Vice President

SCM – Supply Chain Management
SCO – Supply Chain Optimizer
SFM – Shop Floor Management
SKU – Stockkeeping UNit
SL – Service Line
SMP – Symmetric Multiprocessing
SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol
SOD – Statement of Direction
SPD – Senior Practice Director
SRD – Software Requirements Document
SSA – Self-Service Apps
SSI – Solution Services India
SSL – Secure Sockets Layer
SVA – Solution Value Assessment
SVP – Senior Vice President

TCA – Trading Community Architecture
TCO – Total Cost of Ownership
T&E – Time and Expenses
T&M – Time and Material
TOI – Transfer of Information
TRM – Technical Reference Manual
TTM – Time to Market

UAT – User Acceptance Test
USPI – Oracle US Products Industries Consulting sector
USSI – Oracle US Services Industries Consulting sector

VPD – Virtual Private Database
VPN – Virtual Private Network

WAR – Web Archive File
WIP – Work in Process
WML – Wireless Markup Language
WMS – Warehouse Management System

XML – Extensible Markup Language
XSL – Extended Stylesheet Language
XSQL – Extended Standard Query Language

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